Glimpse of Rotary Club of Belgaum South

Rotary club of Belgaum South, an adorable and admired name in the Rotary District 3170, is celebrating its Silver Jubilee Year this year. The club has rich history. The club which has bright and shining back-ground and has the success history to speak, how each and every member has worked to bring up the club to this height.

This year the honour of being Silver Jubilee Year president goes to Rtn. Venkatesh Deshpande. He is a charter member and along with three pther active charter members Rtn. Prakash Kamat, Charter Secretary Rtn. Subhash Deshpande & PP. Rtn. Sudhir Katti the chairman of Silver Jubilee Year Celebration Committee.

The club came into existence on 11th December 1989 which was sponsored by Rotary Club of Belgaum Mid-Town, Under the presidentship of Rtn. Shrinath Deshpande and Secretary Late Rtn. Dr. Ravi Deshpande. GSR Rtn. Vasant Vaghukar took keen interest in building up this club which was started with 28 charter members. Rotary Club of Belgaum South got its charter on 26th May 1990 at the hands of DG Rtn. Krishna Paikoti which was chartered officialy on 7th March 1990 By R.I. The theme of Rotary International that year was ” Enjoy Rotary”. The members followed the theme religiously, which is followed and practised till date and therefore this club could carry many projects successfully allthough initialy it came across lot of hurdles.

Now the picture is totally changed and philanthropist of Belgaum come directly to Rotary Club of Belgaum South as Public Relation is improved and they donate generously to carry out big projects for the benifit of people of Belgaum and nearby towns and villages. The club is working in all the field for the benifit of people and has brightened the image of club and Rotary International by giving wide publicity in papers and other social media for their work.

In 1990 in its first year itself it conducted Youth Festivel at town level for college students which lasted three days, 12 events each in Marathi, English, Hindi & Kannada. Club received District award for this activity and also for Environmental Protectiion and Bal Sanskar Shibir for primary school students.

In 1991-92 also club grabed a District Award for Youth Festivel as we conducted Biggest ever Youth Festivel for the sutdents of Karnataka, Maharashtra & Goa. In this event 425 students from 63 colleges took part. Late Rtn. VishwasArjunwadkar was the president and Secretary Rtn. Prakash Kamat.

In the year 1992-93 PDG Rtn. Bhau Naik installed a trophy for the Best Rotarian to be selected by the club. This trophy was awarded to Rtn. Rajesh Shivalkar. Club received Best District Award for its work in Polio Plus Activity. Our Club sponsored Rotract Club of Belgaum South during this year. Late Ryn. Dilip Kamat was the president and Rtn. Venkatesh Deshpande was the secretary. The project of Youth Festival & Marathon Race were conducted.

In 1993-94 we provided drinking water facility to various schools and institutes. We also conducted seminor for Architects and Builders Rtn. Vijay Rotti was the president and Rtn. Balasab Bandgi was the secretary. This year calamity struck at Latur & our club geared up all its resources as well as from other generous donors of Belgaum and sent a donation of Rs. 35,000/- to the Rotary District Relief Fund. A drinking water well was also donated to M V. Herwadkar School. A children festival was conducted on the same pattern of Youth Festival for the school children.

1994-95 Under the Presidentship of Rtn. Santosh Shirvaikar and secretay Rtn. Aparna Bhatkal our club applied to Rotary International for a project of providing 12 drinking water facilities undermatching grant in needy areas in and around Belgaum. An Exhaust Emission dheckup was conducted to create awareness about pollution and remedies were suggested to four wheelers.

In 1995-96 during Rtn. Rajesh shivelkar’s presidentship we received the grant of Rs. 8,30,000/- for providing 12 drinking water points. We had honour of receiving District award for ilnternational Service. Rtn. Durgesh Haritay was secretary of the club. Amongst the many projects taken up animal checkup camp & exhaust emission camp were the highlights and appreciated by the public. In this year also our club was on the forefront of Pulse Polio Programme and attained 100% immunisation target.

In 1996-97 Under the presidentship of Rtn. Prakash Kamat first ever GSE team member Mrs. Sushma Nargundkar, from our club was selected through RID 3170 which went to Nebraska, USA. We under-took the work for drinking water points and to inugurate the Veerbhadra Nagar Scheme, President Rtn. Glenn Parry, our partner from R.C. Amwell, England came to Belgaum. We had the honour of acheiving 3 District Awards, Outstanding President, Outstanding Secretary & Outstanding GGR we also received the District Award for Best Secteray to Rtn. Nirmala Prakash and Community Service. Besides Exhaust Emission checkup and Animal Health checkup camp, Bal Sanskar Kendra was run all through the year. Drinking water facility was provided to Dombariwada, Jyotinagar & Vijaynagar and filtration plant was installed at Veerbhadranagar. The club had the honour of sponsoring Mrs. Sushma Nargundkar as GSE Team member to Nebraska, USA. Our club was adjudged as the best in polio programme in Belgaum District & Rtn. Durgesh Haritay was felicitated at the hands of Shri Mahadevappa, Minister of Health, Govt. of Karnataka. Club got first non-rotarian PHF in Mr. Atmaram G Tembe.

In 1997-98 the presidentship was manages in a excellent manner by Rtn. Aparna Bhatkal with full co-operation from Rtn. Subodh Kulkarni. The club was adjudged as Best Small Club. Rtn. Sudhir Katti was selected as the Best Rotarian of the club. A skill driving contest for ladies was organised jointly with Innerwheel & Rotract club of Belgaum South. A grand District Intercity Meet on Vocational service was organised. A drinking water facility costing Rs. 10,000/-was handed over to Balika Adarsha Vidyalaya, Tilakwadi. A water tank of 100 Its. Capacity was donated to Beynon Smith High School for safe drinking water facility. Residential Bal Sanskar was conducted under the guidance of Dnyan Prabhodini, Pune 65 students in the age group of 12 to 15 years participated.

In 1998-99 we started three Interact Clubs in Balika Adarsh High School, Thalakwadi High School & Swadhyay Vidya Mandir. Intercity meet on new generation was conducted with 350 participations. We also hosted District Assembly in a memorable manner. We received District Award for Best Secretary, Best Administered Club. Four Avenves of service citation was awarded to Rtn. Venkatesh Deshpande. Rtn. Durgesh Haritay was the President & Rtn. Anand Kulkarni was the Secretary. Club hosted the

Rtn. Nirmala Prakash was installed as the President and Rtn. Satish Chirmure as Secretary.
Club hosted Belgaum Rev.dist. Pulse Polio Workshop, Donated T.V. set to Remand home. Conducted RYLA for physically handicapped & mentally retarded children, Quiz Competition was conducted; Distributed uniforms to 22 Children, Conducted Seminar on 4 way test, 7 days Personality Development camp for 70 students in the age group of 8 to 15 years, Honoured 60 senior citizens. The Club had the honour of sponsoring Smt.Kiran Amar Magavi Generation and Belgaum Rev. Dist. Pulse Polio Workshop. Conducted Essay writing, Elocution, singing, Poster Competitiion health checkup camp, talent search competition, Rotary girl of the year contest Emission checkup for 3 & 4 wheelers. Club participated in the International Family Exchange Programme with RI Dist 5100-Oregon, USA. Our club sponsored a new Rotary Club at Athani. A record no. of 1504 delegates attended the Dist. Assembly. Our Club organised Children Festival on 26th Jan.

In 1999-2000 Rtn. Nirmila Prakash was the president and Rtn. Satish Chirmure was the Secretary. Our club received prestigious Governar’s Cup along with Best in Club Service & Outstanding Community Service. Rtn. Sudhir Katti received Four Avenves of service citation. Club hosted Belgaum Rev. Dist. Pulse Polio Workshop, Donated T.V. set to Remand home. Conducted RYLA for physically handicapped & mentally retarded children, Quiz Competition was conducted ; Distributed uniforms to 22 Children, Conducted Seminar on 4 way test, 7 days Personality Development camp for 70 students in the age group of 8 to 15 years, Honoured 0 senior citizens. The Club had the honour of sponsoring Smt. Kiran Amar Magavi as G.S.E. Team Member to Alabama U.S.A. During this year club received (US $ 28000) Rs. 11,76,000 under the Matching Grants for providing Sanitation facilities to Schools. DISTRICTASSEMBLY, as also District Intercity Meet on New

In 2000-01 Rtn. Sanjeev Naik took over as president and grabbed Governor’s Apprecation Award for presidentship, Women in Rotary, Partners in Service, Fellowship Meets, Best Secretay, New Generation Conference. Rtn. Suryakant Pyatti was the secretary. The Club Hosted the District events :- 1) New Generation conference, 2) District Fellowship meet: 3) Pets and Sets.
Conducted RYLA for school children at Sogal, Talent search competition for rural School children at Londa. The Rotaract Club of JNMC Campus was sponsored during the year. Actively participated in polio plus NID’s. Under matching Grant Project 9162, handed over Toilet blocks to needy schools. An amount of Rs. 4,30,000/- was received through matching grants for providing ultrasound Eqpt to FPAI In 2001-02 Rtn. Subodh Kulkarni was the president and Sudhir Katti was secretary of the club. This year we held our first Trade Fair under the leadership od Rtn. Prakash Badkundri. We also sponsored another Club in Belgaum known as Rotary Club of Belgaum North. This year we were awarded Governors cup and Awards for Preserve Planet Earth, International Service, Polio Plus, Best Administered and 3-H Activity. Population Explosion Awareness, Talent Search Competition, helping the needy students, Medical checkup camp, Eye Checkup and cataract operation under avoidable blindness, Solid & Liquid waste management seminar, tree plantation and Say No to Plastics with a street Play in Bogarves under environment protection AIDS and ANIT- Tobacco awareness for Youth Questionaires answered by over 2000 students followed by a mammoth rally. Contribution of 20.000/- to children’s insurance scheme. National integration program ” MAA TUJHE SALAAM”, Children’s festival for rural youth at Kadoli. “Rotary South” ward developed at FPAI, Hindwadi by renovating and providing a coloured TV for the inmates. Cultural and adventure RYLA at Sogal where in over 100 students participated. Sponsored B League Cricket Match as Aids Awareness Campaign. Co-Sponsored the Rotaract District Conference SYMPO SIUM 2002. First ever CAREER FAIR- DISHA 2002, Jointly with R.C. Belgaum North organised. Over 35 Institutions from Karnataka participated. Over 7000 students were benefitted.

During the year 2002-3 Rtn. Anand Kulkarni was president & Rtn. Vinay Behere was secretary. We received Recognition for Best Club (Large), Best Administered Club, Best Community Service, Best Vocational Service and Best 3-H Activity. Population Control Vasectomies: Tree Plantation, say no to Plastic; environmental awareness in schools; hearing aid donation; free health check-up camp; yoga and meditation seminar; food and clothing to orphanage; Educational help to needy; and contribution towards child insurance scheme; were the major projects in community service. Polio Corrective Surgeries were conducted on 13 physically challenged jointly in association with KLE hospital. Screening Camps were held at various places. In order to make Rotary Visible and to establish permanent identity of Rotary in the Community following major and unique projects were executed a) Community library at Hindwadi; b) Sanitation Block for ladies and gents jointly with Inner Wheel Club of Belgaum. c) Free Health Check Up Centre at Goaves. d) Nana-Nani Park for the Sr. Citizens. Through the artificial limb centre at KLE Hospital aid and equipment were distributed to needy and deserving. free computer literacy programme was organised for ladies. Sr. Citizens and Children,State Level Table Tennis Tournament; Talent Search; Elocution Competition; cultural Programme for youth and sponsored B-league cricket Tournament for the Polio and Aids awareness copaign. A cultural Ryla for 140 school children was organised at sogal for three days. A megatrade fair- ” PRERANA 2002-2003″ was organised for seven days which had 100 stalls and more than 20,000 people visited. An unique IT and Career Fair with 45 stalls was organised jointly with RC of Belgaum North wherein career counselling and guidance was made available for thousands of student’s vocational awards were presented to deserving citizens. District Meet Hosted ; 1) Polio Plus RID 3170 review and planning meet, 260 delegates attended. 2) RRVF and ITHF intercity meet: 3) Multi Rev. Dist meet on COL

In the year 2003-04 under the presidentship of Rtn. Ravi Nerlikar club received Presidential Citition, Best Vocational Service and Best 3-H Activity and many other Eccelent Service awards Rtn. Vishal Nath was secretary of the club. A public function was arranged where in Shri. Avinash Dharmadhikari addressed a large gathering on ” NATIONALISM”. Arranged Blood Donation camps and collected 388 unit of blood. Co- sponsored workshop on Water Management / Rain water Harvesting for public awareness jointly with Belgaum Citizens Forum and other NGO. Health Check-up camp for Drivers arranged / Health Check-up camp arranged at Sharangdhar our permanent project. Celebrated World Womens day, World Aids Day, World Consumers Day and World Population Day. Health Check-up camp arranged for Street Children. Osteoporosis camp organised jointly with Inner Wheel Club of Belgaum. Co-sponsored rally and seminer on Female foeticide organised by Womens organisation. Artificial Limbs provided to the needy at K.L.E.’s artificial Limb center. Conducted screening camps for Polio Corrective surgery at K.L.E. Hospital and Bailhongal. Arranged Prestigious Mega Trade Fair Prerana 2003-04. Arranged Cultural Ryla / Bal Sanskar Shibir at Kulgi Forest Resort, 118 students participated. Hosted District Meets: RID 3170 Past Presidents Meet, RID 3170 New Generation Conference, RDM on Polio Plus for Elected Representatives

In 2004-05 under the presidentship of Rtn. Vinay Behere and Secretary Rtn. Dayanand Hiremeth we celebrated Centenial Year of Rotary we received many awards for our activities such as Best Vocational Service, Best 3-H Activity and R.I. Presidental Citation. with KLE Hospital we have completed 22 Polio Surgeries, organized a function to hand over tricycles, clutches to the Polio affected. A unique program was organized again with DDRC and Red Cross “HELP THEM TO HELP THEMSELVES”. This was a program for blind and their parents. It was a 2 day camp to teach how to conduct day to day activities by themselves. Organized a Osteoporosis camp were in 350 patients were cheked for bone density and were given proper advice, conducted 6 cataract operations free at Vivekanand Netralaya, over 1000 patients were checked free and spectacles @ Rs. 50 were given to 680 patents at 4 different camps, arranged a legal literacy programme for power Loom workers from Vadagaon, donated a toilet block to Tilakwadi Police station. Prerana 2004 mega trade fair was organized in December at PWD grounds. Our club sponsored candidate Mr. Vinayak Lokur was selected as GSE Team member to go to Sweden. Conducted a talent search competition for school children, Balsanskar shibir was conducted at Kulgi forest near Dandeli. Co-hosted RID 3170 Conference of celebrations.

In 2005-06 Rtn. Vishwanath Margale was the president and Late Rtn. Deepak Rashmi was secretary club received Best President (Small), Best Secretary (Small) and many Governors Appraciation Awards along with R.I. Presidental Citation. We conducted polio corrective surgeries with K.L.E. Hospital. Handed over tricycle, books to needy students and a wheel chair for the benefit of physically underpriveliged passangers to the Belgaum Railway station. Handed over 30 blankets to DC of Belgaum to be distributed in flood affected areas. Carried over 3000 sets of clothing and 3000 food packets and distributed among the flood affected in and around Athani. Conducted Rotary Expo 2005 a Mega Trade Fair at Sardar’s High School Ground. Over conducted at Kulgi Resort. District 3170 T.O.T.’s, AG’s Training & District Officers training.

In 2006-07 Rtn. Dayanand Hiremath was the president and Rtn. Ravi Karlingannavar was secretary in this club received Best Vocational Service and many Governors Appraciation Award along with R.I. Presidental Citation. PDG. Rtn. Bhau Naik were felicitated for completing 40 years in Rotary & on his 75th Birthday at the hands of PDG. Rtn. Sanathkumar Arwade. Vocational awards were given to Shri Keshav Kulkarni, Dr. Kumbar, Mr. Anand Chitti & Mrs. Madhuri Nevgeri. Education help was given to needy students as literacy programme. A Mega Trade Fair ” Rotary Expo” with 145 stalls for 7 days was arranged with surplus of Rs. 400000/- was generated for community purpose. A Yoga Camp for more then 3000 citizens was arranged. An amount of Rs. 10000/- was donated to Manthan Vachanalaya, Existing Nana Nane Park and sanitation block were upgraded, Participated in NID, Observed World Population Day & Aids Awareness Day, Organised camp for Bone Density & Gynec problems, Development of Play Garden for school in Angol. Sponsored GSE Candidate and hosted visiting GSE team Candidate. Aso hosted friendship exchange team from USA & UK. Executed 2 matching grant projects in rural & urban areas of Belgaum for supply of safe drinking water to schools. Received and executed through district simplified grant of US $ 2000 a project of Children’s Park,. Carried out 42 deafness surgeries at KLE Hospital with the help of foreign team of Doctors. Organised Bal Sanskar Shibir for 85 students was arranged at Chandargi. District 3170 District Assembly ” Netrutva” was held with 1221 delegates at JNMC premises. On 2nd & 3rd June 2007 with excellent fellowship.

In 2007-08 Rtn. Chatanya Kulkarni was the president and Rtn. Ashok Naik was the secretary. In this year club received Best Club, Best Community Service, Best Youth Service. A new .club sponsored at Haliyal named—8.) as Rotary Club of Vidya Nagar Haliyal. GSR PP. Rtn. Subodh Kulkarni. Organised Dist. Rotary Youth Festival, more than 500 students took part in this Festival. Club Sponsored State Level Ranking Table Tennis competition hosted by Dist. Table Tennis Association. Vocational Award given to two Teachers of Belgaum Biggest Mega Trade Fair ” Rotary Expo-2008″ was organised in Feb-2008 at Beynon Smith High School Ground. Two Drinking water matching grants projects handed over to village Bijgarni & Village Bennali respectively. Club registered two matching grants independently & one matching grant with R.C. Belgaum. First time in our club history we have produced two Major Donors in a year. adopted a needy Govt. School No. 18 at Angol. Completed 20 Nos. of catract operations with the help of Vivekanand Netralaya. Club organised two free dental checkup camps. We are developing Crematorium for the villagers of Zad Shahapur with an estimated expenditure of over Rs. 1.50 lakhs. District Events Hosted: District 3170 Resolution Meet.

In 2008-09 Rtn. Ravi Karlingannavar was the president and Rtn. Nagraj Nashi was secretary. Club received awards for Best Administered Club, Best Vocational Service, Best Public Relation along with R.I. Presidental Citation. Breast cancer detection camp was conducted and over 120 females were examined. Arranged Friendship Day in the club. Charter presentation of Rotary Club of Vidyanagar, Hallyal by the hands of IPDG Bazil at Hallyal was done. The club participated in the program ” Keep city clean” with corporation and the function was inaugurated by Dist. Minister Basavraj Bommai and M.P. Suresh Angadi was also present on that occasion. Our club has arranged visit of our intractors for red ribbon express train to create awareness about HIV and AIDS. Our club was co-sponsored state level competition table-tennis tournament and donated Rs. 5000-00 for the cause. our club has sponsored a GSE Team Member Dr. Manoj Sutar for the Dist. to visit New York. Major fund rising program ” Khel Mandiyela” conducted by TV Star and AnchorAdesh Bandekar was organized by our club and over 9000 crowd witnessed the program. Our club has `hosted the Dist. event on Vocational service .)

In the year 2009-10 Under the presidentship of Rtn. Sudhir Katti and Secretary Rtn. Sanjeev Deshpande. Club received awards for Best Club, Best Club Service, Best International Service, Best Youth Service, Best Public Relation, Best Club Bulletin, Best Membership Development, Best Attendance Promotion, Best Literacy Promotion, Best Polio Plus Activity along with R.I. Presidental Citation. We conducted friendship day, projects like talent search for school going Students, Anti Gutka awareness in society were conducted. Hearing Aids projects was conducted screening and Distribution of hearing aid machines worth Rs. 16000/- were distributed. Under Matching Grant Project Safe drinking water facility was provided. Develati school in devalatti Near Khanspur. Another matching grant project to develop school No. 18: Model. Class rooms were developed in the school and also all the playing equipments were donated to the school. Two Computer were donated to needy school under Sankhya Projects. 10 sewing machines donated to 10 poor and needy women under women empowerment project. 1) GSE Orientation & selection meet. 2) Pre-Pet hosted Training for president elect programme 3) The Rotary foundation programme. R.I. President elect Rtn. Kalyan Bannerji and Ann Binota district were felicitated at the time of Rotary Foundation seminar at VTU hosted by our club on Dec. 27th 2009 Vocational award were presented to the distinguished persons. During the year 2009-10 our club sponsored one new interact club namely G.G. Chitnis English Medium School.

In 2010-11 In this year Under the presidentship of Rtn. Ajay Bhatia and secretary Rtn. Veerdhaval Upadhaya. Club received awards for Best Youth Service, Best Community Service and many appreciation awards. Tree plantation at Adarsha Nagar was conducted and 50 trees were planted. School Books & Fees were sponsored by Rtn. Prakash Badkundri & Rtn. Uday Joshi. A AIDS awarness programme was arranged. Book were distributed dor the deserving students of 10th standard at G.G. Chitnis School. Amuilty District Leadership Development Programme & All India Fellowship Meet on 10th Anniversar of RGHF was arranges at sogal. A blood donation camp was arranges in co-operation with HDFC bank. A donation of Rs. 100000/- was given to Vivekanand Netrayala for conducting free cataract Surgeries. Few hearing aids were distributed to the needy. A trade fair was arranged with 97 stalls.

In 2011-12 n this year Under the presidentship of Rtn. Satish Kulkarni and secretary Rtn. Dr. Manoj Sutar. Club received Best Club 9Small) Best Club Service, Best Youth Service, Best Community Service, TRF Highest Per Capita -APF, TRF Highest Contribution (Small), TRF Alround Program Participation, Best Polio Plus Activity. Our club contributed highest amount ever from our side to the tune of more then 38000 US $, with per capita First time a member from our club was selected GSE Team Leader in the form of Rtn. Anand Kulkarni and also our candidate Padma Dandennavar as team leader. Medicine worth Rs. 1 lakh were distributed to poor and needy people of Ankalgi and Ugar. A crematorium worth more than Rs. 2.5 lakhs was constructed and handed over to the villagers of Zad Shahapur people. Blood donation camp was held at Jain Engineering College along with Mahaveer blood bank and nearly 75 peoplele donated blood. We donated Rs. 50000 for the blind school with the help of Sweden Rotarians this amount will be used for the beneficary of blind school Vocational training camp was held at Kwality Animal feeds macche nearly 40 people weere trained in the field of poultry. An eye Check up camp for school children was held at K.L.S. English School along with Vasan Eye Care about 450 children were examined.

In the year 2012-13 under the leadership of Late Rtn. Deepak Reshmi and Secretary Late Rtn. Kiran Patil took the club to a new height. Best Administered Club, TRF Highest Per Capita -APF. ENTAmbulance received throughMatching Grant was dedicated to Belgaum Community at the hands of DG Rtn. Jorson Fernandis. We donated a excersise cycle for special children. Under matching grants we donated 2 LCD Projectors, Two 600 Itrs hightech water filters, 5 Sewing machines to needy women. 3 Blood donations camp were conducted and more than 200 units of blood was collected. in 7 ENT camps more than 800 people were screened. Our club hosted GSC team members and also our foreign partner of Matching Grant for ENT Ambulance withessed the project. Our club celebrated service week to celebrate 108 years of Rotary. We participated in Globle Swim Marathon and completed 132 Kms distance.

In the year 2013-14 under the leadership of Rtn. Mukund Bang and Secretary Rtn. Uday Joshi. Club took many projects and received many awards from District Governor such as 2nd Best Secretary small Club, 3rd Best President small Club, Significant contribution to TRF, 2nd level Outstanding Club in Medical Relief & Medical Assistance. Club received Presidential Citation this year. A Bal Sanskar Shibir was held at Dandeli, Computers were given to S.V.M. & Thalakwadi High School under District Grants. We hosted Dist. DGN Selection meet at Hotel Effa. Held big drawing compitation at KLS School. Distributed 5000 Kites with the slogan ‘End Polio” to the students and big Rally for Polio awarness was held along with Rotary Pariwar of Belgaum. A sports kit was donated to Navage School by Rtn. Prakash Badkundri. ENT Camps and Eye Camps were held at various places. A Eye check-up camp for Maheshwari Blind School was held and 40 spectacales were donated. To Jail Govt. School at Vadagoan 800 glasses were donated. Rotary week was held with projects like water tanks distribution, Blood Donation and A Global Swim Marathon on 23rd Feb. on the occassion birthday of our founder Late Rtn. Paul Harries etc. Our member Rtn. Vinay Behere was selected as VTT team member to visit Newyork, USA

2014-15 is the Silver Jubilee fo Rotary Club of Belgaum South. Charter Member Rtn. Venkatesh Deshpande took the presidentship along with Rtn. Prakash Badkundri as secretary. Many activities like donation of Digital Retinography System worth Rs. 8,00,000/- to Priyadarshani, Eye Health Care, Filteration Plant worth Rs. 5,00,000/- to Belgaum people and also service fortnite was undertaken before Silver Jubilee Celebration. On 7th March 2015 we celebrated Silver Jubilee of our club with DG Rtn. Ganesh Bhatt as chief guest. More than 400 Rotarians and invities along with Past District Governor’s of our District attended this gala celebration. A very good amount of contribution to TRF is expected from our club which has already crossed more then 54,235 US $ & became No.1 per capita (1505US$) and highest in TRF contribution. Our club registerd the first Globle Grant Project of Life Saving Support Cardiac Vehicle worth 42,000 US S. Our club also donated Solar Lights and toilets under District Grant. Our club sponsored first Satelite Club of Belgaum with 20 members and reached the total membership of 64 this year. For the first time ever Adventure RYLA at Manali with 40 students was conducted along with our yearly cultural RYLA at Kulgi Forest Resort. Received Best President, Best Secretary and 7 more Dist. Awards. Also received banner of highest per capita from TRF. Public lecture series by prominent celebraties and scholers was arranged as Silver Jubilee Year. Lot of public relation programmes were arranged like Holi Celebration by distributing around 10000 laddus and drinking water.

In the year 2015-16 under the presidentship of Rtn.Nagaraj Nashi and Secretary Rtn.Vijay Daragshetti, received many awards like 1)BEST Club Award, 2)Best in Vocational Service, 3)Best in Youth Service, 4)Best in literacy promotion, 5)Best in Trf participation, 6)Best in Polio plus Award (RDC) A MegaTrade Fair again started in the name of “Rotary carnival” under chairmanship of Rtn. Uday Joshi with more than 150 stalls for 7days. This was the Mega Fund raising program and generated surplus of Rs.400000 for community purpose. Our Club Website & Club Face Book A/c created Facebook : Also Conducted Various District Events: Year with a Difference “2015-2016” & Hosted VTT Orientation meet (27th November 2016) Under chairmanship of Rtn.Vinay Behere, Friendship Exchange Team Selection 27th November 2016 Under chairmanship of Rtn.Dr.Manoj Sutar, Dist. Event New Members Conference (3rd jan 2016) Under chairmanship of Rtn.Sanjeev Deshpande, Send off Function for VTT and Friendship exchange team 25th April 2016.Under chairmanship Rtn.Vinay Behere, Advance Adventrure RYLA to Kamshet Camp 18th April to 23rd Under chairmanship of Rtn.Savinay Shimangoudar, Himalyan “Adventrure RYLA” 9 th May to 19th May Counselor: Rtn. Ventkatesh (Baban) Deshpande and Rtn.Askok Naik Installed Solar Lights at Village Near Khanapur. Charter Day & Night Celebrated on 8th March DG Rtn.Shrinivas Malu who inaugurated the Water filter at SVM School same day distributed the 5 Sewing Machines to the needy peoples. Under School Development -We have Provided Water filter to Markandeya Nagar Govt. School. We have Adopted 5 School Girls (Rtn.Ventkatesh(Baban) Deshpande, District Level Drawing Competition arranged at M.V. Herwadkar English Medium School Donated Helping hand to Mahesh Foundation. Artificial limbs Camp conducted at B.K.Model School along with various clubs (Co-Sponsorhip). Blood Donation Camps arraigned at B.K.Collage ,Grocery items provided Old Age Home. Free Eye Check up Camp conducted At Netradarshan Eye Hospital. We have contributed towards Three wheeler Vehicle on behalf of Rotary Pariwar at Swaroop Nartaki cinema. Conducted successful eye checkup camp at Gunji village under the banner of RCBS and settlite club along with Shri.Sharad Kesh Kamat foundation And Priydarshini Eye health Care research foundation, Rtn Mangesh Deshpande and Dr. Madhuri Dixit were instrumental in organizing, Above 150 people are taken benefit out of it Hosted Friendship Exchange Team from Dist. 7225 USA by our Rtn.Chaitanya Kulkarni and aslo he visited to USA -Dist 7225. Our member Rtn.Dr.Manoj Sutar selected as VTT team leader and went to USA near Los Angeles ( Rid 5330). World’s Greatest Meal : Rotary Worlds Greatest Meal to Help End Polio

In the year 2016-17 President Rtn. Veerdhaval Upadhya Secretart Rtn. Ramesh Ramgurwadi Induction done on 2″d july by PDG Vyanktesh Metan. Also inducted 4 new members on that day.

Activities of the Year

  1. Tree plantation on 2nd july
  2. Attended world environmental day on 2’d July
  3. We had sports competitions & Sports Quiz to the students at RPD College.
  4. 25-10-2016 Under Community Development we have donated full pledge computer center with library to Kannada Jail school at Vadagaon & the project is worth Rs 4.5 lacs. 07-11-2016 To contribute towards Rotary Foundation we started with purchasing of 30 Silver coins from the District costing around Rs 1.5 lacs
  5. Under which we have also started Adult & Teachers training camps
  6. 10-12-2016 Organized Cancer Dilatation camp jointly with RC Central and Marwadi Manch.
  7. 23-01-207 We have identified 5 people from various professions and Honored them with Best Vocational Award. This has boosted the moral of the individual to do good in the society.
  8. : 17-02-2017 We have celebrated this as Rotary week by doing various projects where we covered designated month of Peace and Conflict Resolution.
  9. 20-03-2017 We have planned for safe drinking projects & had a lecture on rain water harvesting.
  10. 02-04-2017 We have been the major part of N ID and gave polio drops in various places in Belgaum.
  11. 16-05-2017 We have conducted Dist Youth RYLA to Manali, where 80 youths participated and made this event grad successful.
  12. 10-06-2017 Under Fellowship month we Both President and Secretary and given a Heart full thanks giving party to all members and family. It was True fellowship day celebrated.

Projects of the year :

    1. Donated A computer Lab : Community Development we have donated full pledge computer center with library to Kannada Jail school at Vadagoan & the project is worth Rs 4.5 lacs
    2. Smart City Project : Executed Smart city Project of Road 30)
    3. beautification of Road median in Goaves circle for 800 meters.
    4. Chairs To School : Donated Chairs and Tables to Special children school in RC Nagar.
    5. WINS : Wash In Hands in school, Done a WINS awareness program in Bharati Vidhayala School, Belagavi to aware about uses of Hand washes.
    6. Free Eye Check-up Camp. We have done free eye checkups’ camp at Netradarshan Eye Hospital were 200 patients screened.
    7. Girls Adoption for Education. We have Adopted 8 Girl students and will be taking care of the education.
    8. Blood Donation Camp. Conducted Blood Donation camp and
      more than 100 Bottles collected from donors
    9. Swim Marathon. We have organized swim marathon on Rotary week were we completed 112 km as Rotary have completed 112 years.
    10. Free ENT Camp : We have organized free ENT camp at SVM School and screened around 200 students.
    11. Swach BharatAbhiyan : We have distributed around 20 big dust Bins at various Belagavi locations.
    12. TEACH Program : We have organized TEACH program at Jail school. Bal Sanskar Shibir in Kulagi Dandali. More than 100 students participated and made it successful.
    13. RYLA : More than 80 students participated in RYLA for Manali.

Fund Raising Program:

  1. Hassya Sanje: An excellect program by Pranesh And team conducted by us and got a huge response from the society. Collected Rs. 2 lacks towards the charity.
  2. Rotary Carnival: A mile stone fund raising program of Rotary carnival. A huge platform for Shopping and Fun. More than 100 stalls participated in the Carnival and made it big success. Rs 2.5 lacks collected for the charity work.

Members Growth: As on 1 stJuly 50 members
On 30 June Year completion 63 members.
We have added 13 new members to the club.
Awards: Received 3 District awards for the Year 2016-17

In the Rotary Year 2017-18, the club was led by President Rtn. Dr. Manoj Sutar and Secretary Rtn. Viren Kalghatgi. It was a historic and memorable year for RCBS, as it gave its first DG Rtn. Anand Kulkarni to Rotary District 3170. CLUB SERVICE -RCBS got an opportunity to lead the the 59th District Conference ‘Indradhaushya’ event as the DG’S Home Club. The Governor’s Cup (tennis ball cricket tournament) was organized. A Family Picnic to Ganeshgudi was conducted in July. Family dinner meetings were conducted every month. Theme dressing, games for Annets, Anns and Rotarians are organized. Traditional Shravan dinner, Rass Dandiya, Sankranti and other festivals are celebrated. DG’S Official Club Visit and Charter Nite Celebrations were conducted.

COMMUNITY SERVICES – An Artificial Limbs camp in association with Rotary Pariwar of Belgaum wherein 394 beneficiaries were benefitted, was conducted. We had a Girl students adoption programme, a Blood Donation Camp, a Free Dental Checkup Camp for 15 Orphans was conducted at Smile Care Dental Clinic, a free Eye checkup Camp was organized at Netradarshan and RCBS donated 25 Sewing machines to the needy to enable them to be self employed and self reliant. The annual Fund Raiser ‘Rotary Carnival’
was organized. Charity movie tickets were also a good Fund Raiser.

MEMBERSHIP DEVELOPMENT- 11 new members were added to the RCBS family including 2 members in our Satellite Club.

THE ROTARY FOUNDATION (TRE) -The total contribution to the TRE was more than 30,000 USD. Five Rotarians became PHF that year — Rtn. Sashidhar Chonnad, Rtn. Shivanand Halbavi, Rtn. Venkatesh Hemadri, Rtn. Manoj Chavare and Rtn. Savinay Shimangoudar. Rtn. Jayant Hanamshet became a major donor by
contributing 10,000 USD and Rtn. Chaitanya Kulkarni became major donor level 2 by contributing 25,000 USD.

GLOBAL GRANTS – A 40,000 USD ‘Avoidable Blindness’ Global Grant to provide Cataract Screening camps, Cataract surgeries, intraocular lenses with an International partner; a 40,000 USD ‘Gift of Life ( Heart Surgeries for Children)’ Global Grant project to save the lives of the young, below 12 years suffering from heart disease and need to undergo open heart surgeries with an International partner; a 36,930 USD ‘Saving Lives — Oxygen for those who need it the most’; a 63,600 USD project Providing Dental Care Facilities for Rural Community and a 3000 USD Pathological Laboratory were approved.

DISTRICT GRANT- A Rs.l Toilet block at District Stadium and another at a Government School for Rs.l were

NEW GENERATIONS SERVICE-The Signature Project of RID 3170; the MHM (Menstrual Hygiene Management) for girls was conducted wherein we covered more than 50 schools and about 5,000 girls were
addressed. Another Signature Project of RID 3170; the RYDE (Rotary Youth Development of Emotional Health) was organized. A Training for Trainers of the RYDE program was conducted and RYDE Programs were conducted in many colleges and more than 500 students were benefitted by the sessions. A Two day RYLA for
the visually impaired in association with RC Pune Kothrud was conducted at Maheshwari School for the Blind, Belgavi. About 150 visually impaired students were addressed regarding New technology like usage of Smart Phones and Laptops with an audio guide. A Sports Quiz Competition, WINS , Dental Hygeine camp, RYLA- Bal Sanskar Shibir was conducted for about 95 students and in the Smart Class program we donated 6 projectors to 6 schools of Kangrali Cluster.

PARTNERS IN SERVICE- The participation of our Satellite Club, 5 Interact clubs and Rotaract club was exceptional all year round with various events and it was a proud moment for RCBS as the DIR for the year 2017-18; Ms. Devyani Dharmadhikari was from our Interact club of Tilakwadi high school.

AWARDS & RECOGNITION – The Club was awarded about 17 awards in various categories. Best Small Club, Best in Club Service, Best Secretary, Highest Contribution per capita in Annual giving, Best Administered club, Best in Youth Service, Best in Vocational Service, Ann’s Excellent Participation, etc. The club received the Presidential Citation for the Year 2017-18.

In the Rotary Year 2018-19, President Rtn. Uday Joshi, Secretary Rtn. Nilesh Patil.

    CANTONMENT HOSPITAL: Our club has started OPD service in Cantonment hospital from DT 29.08.2019.The hospital OPD SECTION was inaugurated by CEO Mrs.Divya Krishnamurti .
  2. 24X7 FOOD PROJECT: Our club started 24X7 free food service at Hotel Niyaz near Central Bus Stand and was inaugurated by Corporation Commissioner Mr. Shashidhar Kurer.
  3. Projectors to School: We have installed and handed over 5 nos Projectors to government schools around Belgaum city.
  4. Safe Drinking Water Project: Our club has installed Water Filters at Dumb & Def School atAzam Nagar and also in Government school at Nana Wadi.
  5. ROTARY CARNIVAL: As every year we conduct clubs Mega Project Rotary Carnival was conducted from Dt.30.11.2018 to 06.12.2018 at opp Fire Brigade, Goaves. More than 100 stalls of Food, Fashion, home décor, Veg, Non-Veg Stalls were displayed during this Period. The Event were Sponsored by Kwality Animal Feeds and State Bank of India.
  6. TOILETS BLOCK AT PEERANWADI SCHOOL. : Our Club Constructed New Toilet block in Government Marathi School with expenses of Rs. 1 , 20,000.00.
  7. Construction of New Toilet Block: At Yallur Government school under District Grant constructed and handed over.
  8. Cataract Operations: Our club is doing 500 cataract surgeries under global grant along with International partner Rotary Club of Carangola of R.I. Dist4580 worth 40,000 USD.
  9. BAL SANSKAR SHIBIR: Our Club has conducted Bal Sanskar Shibir from 5th April to 8th April 2019 in Kolagi near Dandeli under the charman Ship of Rtn.Sanjeev Naik. More than 100 students were participated in this project. Lot of activities, creativities, lectures and training programs were conducted during the camp for the school students.
    TRF CONTRIBUTION: Our Club has contributed USD $ 6172 towards the Rotary Foundation for the year 2018-19. Membership: Our club has added 3 new members with a growth of 20% during the year. Regards.

In the Rotary Year 2019-20, President Rtn. B. Jayasimha, Secretary Rtn. Siddaraya D. Sayagavi
The Rotary Club of Belgaum South began has a very fruitful year of service during the year 2019-20. The Club adopted the RI Theme for the year Rotary Connects the World given by RI President Mark Melony to the perfection. Under the leadership of District Governor Rtn DR GirishMasurkar, the club took many service projects under the various avenues of service reached the unreached of the community.
The Installation Ceremony of the Office Bearers for the year was done on 30th June, 2019 in most simple and meaningful manner in the premises of ShanthaiVrudhashram amidst of inmates of the Ashram. The club donated blankets and hosted lunch along with the Rotary Family.
The beginning of the year saw the devasting floods in around the Belgaum with heavy rains resulting in the heavy loss of lives and properties. Many families lost their properties and were literally on roads. The club joined with the District Administration in setting up of Flood Relieve Centers in around Belgaum and helped the people with Food, Clothes, Medicines and Utensils.
The club under its various avenues of service took projects helping the needy in the community. The donated E Learning Kit to GA High School. Sewing Machines to Women helping them to attain self-economic resilience. Constructed Toilet Block at Women Empowerment Centre, Donated Water Purifiers and Ceiling Fans to the Schools.
The Club celebrated 125th Gandhi Jayanthi in a befitting manner by felicitating noted Gandheyans of Belgaum. Uranides a special Lecture on Gandheyan Thoughts.Distributed 500 cloth bags to the public in market. The Club identified the services of six men from various fields like Line Man, Para Medical Staff, a Nocturnal Ambulance Man, Herbal and Health Juice vendor for morning walkers etc. and presented them Vocational Awards. The Club organized a Marathi Drama Himalaya chi Sawali by noted Marathi Theater Artist SharadPonshke to raise funds for its Community Projects.
The Club continued its Global Grant Project of Free Cataract Surgeries and completed 500 surgeries during the year. A new Global Grant Project of Gift of Life – Free Heart Surgeries for the children below 12 years was launched during the year and conducted five surgeries during the year.
During the last part of the year, the Corona Pandemic has put the entire World in the distress. The lock down has put many lives to stand still. The Club again joined with the District Administration and carried the COVID-19 Relief Activities. The Club is the first in entire District in distributing the 100 PPE Kits to the District COVID Hospital at BIMS Belagavi. More than 5000 Masks and Sanitizers bottles were distributed to Police Department, KPTCL and general Public at Belgaum, Khanapur areas. The Club has also contributed to PM Care Fund of COVID 19.
The highlight of the year, was getting our Club member RtnVenkatesh (Baban) Deshpande elected successfully unopposed as District Governor for the year 2022-23. He will be the second Governor from the Clib.
Besides the service projects, the Club continued its rich traditions of family involved programmes and fellowship events. The Family Dinners were entertaining with lots of fun and games. The Club meetings were informative with many special lectures. The BODs conducted at the residences of the members to strengthen the family bondage.
Apart from all the above activities the Club lived up to the expectations as one of the Best Administered Clubs in District by maintaining its Records in tact and mentioning 100% reporting to the authorities. The Club for the first time in its history became 100% giving Club to TRF with all the members contributing handsomely to Rotary Foundation. The Club has contributed $10550 in total to TRF.
In appreciation to all its service to the mankind, the Club received RI Citation Award from RI President Mark Melony,