Distribution of Sanitizers to Police and HESCOM Staff

Continuing its service during COVID 19 Rotary Club of Belgaum South Dated 1st May 2020, distributed Sanitizer to Corona Warriors.

Distributed 100 bottles of Sanitizer to the Traffic Police near Angol Cross, 200 bottles to HESCOM Staff at Nehru and alter 120 bottles tot eh Police Personnel at Rural Police Staff Vadagaon in the City.

Speaking on the occasion, Rtn Jayasimha said that the Club in appreciation of Corona Warriors of Police and HESCOM rendering yeomen service during the crisis has come forward to distribute the sanitizers to the staff in order to give them protection from getting infected from the virus.

The club has procured more than 500 liters of Sanitizer  will distribute the same to Asha Workers Corporation Staff and Street Vendors  in the coming days.

The Executive Engineer of HESCOM, The Police Personnel thanked the Club for their concern in this regard. Rtrns Satish Kulkarni, Ravi Karlingannavarm Dr Alpesh, Ramesh Ramgurwadi, Venkatesh Hemadri, Raju Doni, Sharan Bembalgi, Santosh Hattarki, Keerthi Suranjan, HESCOM Staff and Police Personnel were present on the  occasion.